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Our clinicians hold graduate degrees in Counseling and are licensed in various states to practice therapy. This training equips them to work with individuals, couples, and families of all kinds and orientations.


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 Our clinicians support couples of all orientations in all stages of relationship, including those in non-traditional relationship styles. Couples Therapy is directed at working to build healthy connections within the relationship or to separate from the relationship in service of another value.


It is imperative to recognize that each person is born into a family system, and this system is not always made up of “genetic relatives.” Our clinicians are trained to observe family interactions and relationships in service of supporting your family to make changes that allow your family members to function together through difficult life events. Family therapy treats the entire family or a portion of the family that is struggling to function well.


Our clinicians support individuals in connecting with their thoughts and feelings in order to identify and engage their values, and then by practicing value-based behaviors. Some of our clinicians' specialties include working with neurodiversity, anxiety, depression, LGBTQIA+, motherhood/postpartum issues, trauma, and cultural adjustment.

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