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Offered by John Szudera, M.S., LMFT, LCPC

Owner & Founder of Canopy Behavioral Health, PLLC

Consultation & Supervision: About Therapy


Consultation is the process of exploring the complexities of a case or caseload with another mental health professional. All treatment providers are encouraged to consult within the mental health community and all professional ethics support this model of continued professional development. 


In the practice of counseling and treatment, all treatment providers encounter unfamiliar or challenging treatment presentations. It is part of the process or journey of counseling. In our professional journeys we are called to observe the counselor within us and the person we are. Often these two mindsets will lead us to a protective or vulnerable stance. I’ve seen this in my own journey and in the paths others have taken. Sorting and processing a challenge with a value-directed mindset and the support of another clinician is at the heart of the consultation process.

Consultation services are available for any clinician, psychotherapist, coach, or practitioner in service of identifying values, exploring relationships within the work environment, and supporting mental health clinicians with their continued development or case specific needs. 


Consultations for business is intended for professionals seeking information about my specialties and how to learn and apply them in their own practice. I hold over a decade of private practice knowledge and multiple years practicing and implementing therapeutic strategies with HIPAA secure video. From startup, through insurance credentialing and billing, to your well functioning business model, business development consultations are built for you.


Private practice is a professional skill which can be built just like all the others in the journey providing mental health services. My approach is to streamline and support you with clear steps for moving toward your own business. Together we will outline and create the steps that move you toward the private practice you want to build.

Teletherapy is an additional speciality, one which requires specialized knowledge and skillset. I have created my own self-sustaining online practice. In doing so, I have found obstacles and pitfalls of doing business that are important to navigate through in order to provide outstanding online services. I have partnered with insurance companies and advocated for further supports in reimbursement and client care with access to services. Teletherapy requires additional education and training which carry legal and ethical considerations for client care. This is the focus of teletherapeutic business consultation.

Business Development Consultation services are available for any clinician, coach, psychotherapist, or practitioner that wishes to have their own private practice, especially those interested in providing web-based, teletherapeutic services.


Supervision is a professional service provided to clinicians seeking further their licensure. I hold supervision endorsements by Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses as a Licensed Marriage and Family Supervisor and as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Supervisor. Supervision is the direct observation, exploration, and discussion of a clinician’s work in order to provide opportunities for learning, insight, and perspective taking.


My intention for supervision is to support clinicians to develop their professional skills in order to promote client wellbeing, values, and growth. Supervision is directed at the “journey of counseling” rather than “arriving” at a certain place of development. Inevitably, the pursuit of “knowing it all” or “fully understanding” the process of counseling leads clinicians toward a mindset that becomes narrow and inflexible. I work diligently toward creating a safe and open atmosphere for supervisees to hone their clinical skills and application of skills within their identified theory of practice. I seek to support practitioners in identifying their direction for clinical growth based on raising connection to values and clarifying purpose surrounding the important matters in one’s career and caseload.

I will serve as a guide, a teacher, a support, a sounding board, and a willing ear as you work toward your licensure and your values as a clinician.

Consultation & Supervision: Services
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