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Registered Counselor Intern
*Taylor offers sliding fee scale online therapy for Idaho*

Education & Training

I received my Bachelor of Science in Mandarin Chinese at the United States Naval Academy in 2011. Following commissioning, I was forward-deployed to the Pacific theater for six years as a Surface Warfare Officer. After leaving the Navy, I completed my Master of Arts in Psychology at Tsinghua University, China in 2022. During this Master’s program, I enrolled in a two-year internship in clinical psychology under the supervision of Dr. Dan Liu, Deputy Director of the Tsinghua University Center for Counselling and Psychological Development. Additionally, I received individual and group therapy training in psychodynamic and humanistic approaches under the supervision of Dr. Bojun Hu, Clinical Psychologist at United Family Hospital in Beijing, China.

Currently, I am pursuing U.S. counseling licensure in the State of Idaho under the supervision of John Szudera.

Theoretical Orientation & Approach

My clinical experience has been primarily informed by humanistic and psychodynamic theories; however, there is no universal therapeutic approach that fits each individual at every moment in time, thus I am drawn toward expanding my skillset to incorporate other schools of thought. During this internship, I will focus on utilizing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) techniques under supervisory guidance. 

I have experience in treating cross-cultural challenges, anxiety, depression, relational issues, identity, suicidal ideation, and PTSD.

The questions, “Why does life hurt so much?” and “How do I create a life that is satisfying and rich in meaning?” are what led me on my journey into psychotherapy. Along this path toward understanding psychological pain, I have come to believe that suffering is an inseparable component of the human condition. However, we are not helpless and all hold agency for change in our lives. In order to make sense of this discomfort, I focus first on providing a welcome and accepting space for psychological exploration with the goal of establishing a deeply genuine and trusting relationship. Throughout our work together, we will examine our relationship and the way we interact and experience one another with the hope of uncovering important parallels that occur outside of therapy. Additionally, I often use psychodynamic methods to explore the mind, which may lead to discovering concealed perceptions that reside in the unconscious. Once we are able to accurately map the source of these hardships, I will introduce evidence-based ACT strategies and thinking processes to assist in alleviating pain and providing an opportunity for growth.

Taylor Hamilton: Team Members
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